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Early detection can save lives—your life.

When detected early, colon cancer is one of the most curable types of cancer. And a colorectal screening has been proven to be the best way to catch the earliest signs of colon cancer.

Why a colonoscopy?

A colorectal screening is the most reliable way to screen for colorectal cancer. Nearly all colorectal cancers begin with a precancerous polyp in the colon or rectum. But those polyps can also be detected and then removed during a routine screening.

What to expect at your appointment

Colorectal screenings are routine procedures. From restrictions on eating food to other relevant preparation in advance of the screening, to the day of the procedure itself, we’ll make sure there are no surprises.


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We’ve made scheduling easy for you

With our fast access program, early detection has become easier. You may not need a referral to schedule your colonoscopy. Simply call us to see if you’re eligible and schedule at your convenience. Individuals who don’t qualify will require an initial office visit, before scheduling a colonoscopy.

Your safety is our top priority

To ensure your safety during screenings, we now provide extra safety protocols and new infection control practices at Legacy Medical Group—Gastroenterology, including:


  • Required masks for all patients and staff
  • Increased cleaning and disinfection of clinic spaces
  • Spreading out of appointment times
  • Protective plexiglass at check-in countertops