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Q: Do you prescribe pain medications?
A: Our medical providers typically recommend non-opioid and/or low-dose opioid medications for pain. If you are already on opioids, they may offer to help you taper down or off, or give you recommendations on how to do so. We have been able to help many patients successfully manage pain while decreasing their opiate use.

Please be aware that our providers do not prescribe at your first visit, and any medication refills you need in the meantime would need to be coordinated with your referring provider.

  • For more information on why opioids are no longer considered the best option for chronic pain, click here
  • For more information on how we treat chronic pain, click here

Q: My doctor said she/he will not prescribe any more medication. What do I do now?
A: 1) Talk with your doctor about how to safely taper your medications.
2) If you are already out of medication, talk with your doctor about managing withdrawal symptoms.  
3) Unfortunately, we cannot take over your prescription medications in an urgent situation. 

Q: Do you take Medicaid (Oregon and Washington Medicaid plans)?  
A: Oregon Medicaid members: We do accept most forms of Medicaid, which typically pays for at least a one-time consult. Depending on your plan and pain issue, you may be eligible for additional visits. Unfortunately, we have limited availability and the wait may be several months out. Washington Medicaid members: We can offer medical evaluation and ongoing treatment at our Legacy Salmon Creek center. 

Q: How do I get started? Do you require a referral or can I just call to make an appointment?  
A: Our program requires a referral from your primary care physician. Please contact her or him to start the referral process. We will contact you once we have a chance to look over your information.

Q: Do you provide care for pain (intrathecal) pumps?  
A: We offer pump management at the Legacy Good Samaritan center. We do not currently offer any pump care at the Legacy Salmon Creek center. 

Q: Do you prescribe Suboxone? 
A: At our Good Samaritan site, we may offer Suboxone as an option to help with an opioid taper for a limited number of patients with painful conditions. We are not able to prescribe Suboxone to persons who require it for treatment of opiate addiction. We do not offer Suboxone prescribing through our Legacy Salmon Creek center. 

Q: What should I expect at my first visit?
A: Be prepared to show your insurance card and photo identification. Legacy Pain Management Centers do not prescribe medications at the first visit. You may need to provide a urine drug screen if opiates are a possible part of your treatment plan. Please understand that your visit is an initial consult, and does not always indicate that we will provide ongoing care, treatment, and/or medication. 

Q: What if I have questions?
A: Feel free to call us if you have questions 

  • Legacy Pain Management Center–Good Samaritan, 503-413-7513 
  • Legacy Pain Management Center–Salmon Creek, 360-487-2700 



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