Stroke care

Know the signs of stroke

BE FAST to save your brain

In stroke, every second counts. Prompt action can prevent further damage to the brain and help someone make a full recovery. Know the signs of stroke; use the term BE FAST to help you remember.

B:  Balance –– Sudden loss of balance.
E:  Eyes –– Sudden trouble seeing out of one or both eyes.

F:  Face –– Sudden weakness on one side of the face.
A:  Arm –– Sudden weakness in one arm or leg.
S:  Speech –– Sudden loss of speech.
T:  Time to call 911 if even one of these problems is new.

Download the BE FAST guide here 

If you notice these signs, call 911. Do not drive to the hospital.

*BE FAST was developed by Intermountain Healthcare, as an adaptation of the FAST model implemented by the American Stroke Association. Reproduced with permission from Intermountain Healthcare. Copyright 2011, Intermountain Healthcare.


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