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together, we are stronger

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Cardiac care brings a man back to life

Bob Weaver has little memory of experiencing a cardiac arrest or recovering at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center in 2017. However, one moment stands out clearly in his mind. He was sitting in his room with an old friend when the cardiologist walked in. Bob asked the doctor to explain what happened, and he said “It’s very simple. You had a cardiac arrest and you died.” 


Bob’s wife, Hannah Callaghan, remembers every excruciating detail of the experience; from hearing his labored breathingto watching EMTs work on him for 45 minutes unable to get consistent heartbeat or breathing, to days spent in the Legacy Emanuel Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with Bob in acoma and no certainty of his prognosis.


It was a scary and stressful timeThe cause of Bob’s cardiac arrest wasn’t clear, and he needed multiple procedures and tests to determine the best course of treatment. Hannah had to make decisions and authorize a risky surgery while Bob was unconscious. She is grateful for the support of friends and family. 

She also remembers being incredibly comforted by the care providers and staff at Legacy Emanuel. “Everyone was so professional, so reassuring and calm, very patient while explaining everything to me,” Hannah said. She was also confident Bob was receiving the best possible care. “If a doctor or a nurse told me something, it was obvious they knew what they were talking about and I could count on it. I felt like they were at the top of their field.”


After spending 10 days at Legacy Emanuel, Bob was healthy enough to go home with Hannah. Even though he doesn’t remember much of the ordeal, he does have a souvenir of the experience. “I can feel that it’s there, you can see it under my rib cage on the left side of my body,” Bob says, explaining the defibrillator that was implanted to help prevent another cardiac arrest. “Once a week I send data from the defibrillator to the lab so they know what’s going on with my heart. It helps to know that everything is all right. And if something goes wrong, I know my team at Emanuel will do everything possible to get me healthy again.


Bob and Hannah donated to Legacy Emanuel Heart Services to show gratitude for the care they received and support programs and services for other cardiac patients. Click here to join them in giving. 


including: cancer care, child abuse intervention programs, in-home hospice, interpretive services & more


helped through supported patient care


for chemotherapy medication, inhalers, insulin & basic living needs, such as rent, utility bills, meal vouchers & hygiene kits ​​​​​​​


helped with recovery and by preventing further complications