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Board Committee summary commitments:

  • Committees meet on a monthly basis.
  • There are 12-15 voting provider members and 2-4 non-voting practice administrators on each committee, each chaired by a member of the LHP Board of Directors.
  • The time commitment associated with being a committee member is approximately 4-6 hours per month, which includes meeting preparation and attendance.
  • Committee members may participate in additional subcommittees.
  • Committee members are compensated through an annual stipend.


Description and application:


Board Committees Role Statements:

  • Quality and Membership Committee
    Oversees the design and implementation of the Clinical Integration program and quality improvement and patient safety programs. Reviews the overall performance of the program as well as individual members. Develops membership requirements and monitors the activities of management concerning credentialing and maintenance of membership requirements and the success of these programs.
  • Clinical Collaboration & Performance Improvement Committee
    Oversees the areas of patient, provider and administrator user experience, clinical collaboration and performance improvement within Legacy Health Partners to support the Clinical Integration Program.
  • Finance and Contracting Committee
    Oversees the design and implementation of managed care contracting and assists in organizational financial planning and monitoring. Develops the methodology and administers the disbursement of funds through the member financial model.

We accept applications for new board and committee members only during open recruitment periods, and we welcome those interested in positions to reach out with any questions or feedback anytime. 

Email Legacy Health Partners or call 503-415-5109 for more information.