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Legacy PACS systems can now be accessed securely from your iPhone, iPad or Android smart phone.

Legacy Imaging Services and Fuji Systems have partnered to give radiologists and physicians on-the-go access to images and information stored within Legacy’s PACS system! The Synapse Mobility phone application provides interactive three dimensional images, allowing manipulation using 2D, 3D, and MIP/MPR feature sets within the app.


  • 2D toolkit includes window/level, pan, zoom, magnifying glass, cine, freehand and text annotation, image flip and rotate as well as linear, angle and ROI measurements.
  • 3D toolkit offers scalpel and bone removal tool, clipping panes, window/level, pan, zoom and annotation.

To download the app:

To get the Synapse Mobility App, please submit a Service Request by contacting the Legacy IS Service Desk at 503-415-5888.