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Survey opens soon: voicing your concerns with KLAS EHR survey 

Later this week, we will communicate more about an upcoming survey where your input is vitally important. Implementing, adopting, and optimizing our EHR solutions is a culturally transformative journey aimed at improving patient safety, providing a higher quality of care, and reducing unnecessary care-delivery costs by enabling you, as clinicians, to make decisions based on a more complete view of each patient’s health.

All of us are invested in this effort, and we need your help to guide our future actions. It is critical that we understand your current state so we can successfully implement and optimize our systems to better meet your needs.

Please note that this research is being administered by KLAS Research. Because of our desire to make your experience exceptional, Legacy has joined the KLAS Arch Collaborative—a national effort to benchmark physicians’ experiences with their EHR. This allows your feedback to have national relevance and to be collected anonymously if you wish.

More on KLAS: KLAS is a company that works to improve healthcare by researching, reflecting, and amplifying the provider voice to help healthcare information technology teams and their technology vendors better understand and evolve. Learn more about KLAS’ model.