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From the desk of Melinda Muller, M.D., interim Chief Medical Officer, Legacy Health

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New Epic workflow increases safety when patients temporarily leave for care 

Legacy will launch an Epic functionality on June 15 to standardize and improve how we track hospital patients who leave temporarily for medical appointments or treatment.

The Epic Leave of Absence workflow allows Legacy staff to temporarily suspend an inpatient admission at a Legacy hospital or Unity Center for Behavioral Health while the patient is away. This improves safety and efficiency, giving care teams access to current orders and information to assess potential medicine interactions. It will also reduce unneeded discharges and readmissions and improve billing accuracy.

Highlights of the workflow are:

  • Leave of Absence will be a new ADT event in Epic, like admission, discharge or transfer.
  • Once a Leave of Absence order is written, the nurse caring for the patient suspends the current admission temporarily. This holds the patient’s bed during their absence.
  • Upon return to the original hospital, the admission encounter is resumed as if the patient never left.
  • The One Call patient care team can be contacted at any point in the process to assist. They can be reached at 503-413-8008.  

If you play a role in facilitating inpatient movement between facilities, please familiarize yourself with the workflow. Look for assigned training in E+ and complete it by June 15. You can also find it by searching E+ for “Leave of Absence.” If you have questions, contact the Epic Support Center at 503-415-4750.