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MUSE system update coming March 30

Legacy’s EKG system, MUSE, will be updated on Tuesday, March 30, to become more integrated with Epic. This change means the providers that interpret EKGs, short- and long-term holters, cardiac event monitors, mobile cardiac telemetry, and stress tests with EKG portion can do so with the MUSE integration within Epic. If the workflow is performed correctly before the EKG transmission from the EKG cart, you will begin to see preliminary results in Epic. Providers can also use Dragon within the MUSE's Epic integration.  Providers can still use MUSE as a separate application if they prefer but will not be able to use Dragon in the stand-alone MUSE application. Scheduled downtime will begin at 6 p.m. on Monday, March 29, and will come back online overnight Tuesday, March 30.

At this time, technicians will still need to use the MUSE application to complete their work. This update will provide clinical staff (MA/RN/Cardiopulmonary/RT) an additional way to send studies to the provider within MUSE.

Training for this change is offered for providers at various dates and times and is a one-hour virtual session on Microsoft Teams. Providers who use Muse to sign EKGs and other studies should consider participating. Training is encouraged but not mandatory. Tip sheets will also be made available for those who are unable to attend. Training for the LMG clinical staff will take place with LMG trainers. The LMG staff at smaller, specific sites will be trained in MUSE to send studies to an individual's inbasket instead of the clinic's pool inbasket. Later this Spring, Emergency Room Providers will be integrated into Muse and begin to perform their own interpretations for EKGs. Additional training dates to come later.

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