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Provider reflection on first week of Woodburn community vaccinations

By Julian Uselman, D.O., Legacy Medical Group – Silverton  

As primary care providers, we’ve been afraid for ourselves and our families while also trying to reassure our patients and our community. Being part of the solution and giving out vaccines wasn't thought of as something that would make us feel better as providers, but it did. It was rejuvenating.

In the first day, we served more than 250 people from Marion County. We had teachers and caregivers but most of the patients fell in the 80 and older age group. Many of them arrived with the help of a cane, a walker or a wheelchair. As the highest risk from COVID-19, this was the first time they have left their home for months, if not nearly a year, since the pandemic began. Everyone was universally grateful and happy to be there.  

There was more than one teary eye in the room. After b