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Legacy's CMO search: Recruiting a transformational leader

By Kathryn Correia, President & Chief Executive Officer

As you likely read in this recent piece in Legacy’s Front Page, we are moving forward in our efforts to recruit Legacy’s next chief medical officer (CMO) and chief nursing officer (CNO). While our COVID-19 response slowed down our recruitment efforts, the process is accelerating as we recruit these essential clinical executives.


We are looking for candidates who are collaborative, inclusive, and bring clinical credibility and the ability to quickly build relationships and trust with clinicians and other key partners inside and outside of Legacy. These two leaders will leverage and build on our exceptional physician and nursing leadership teams to support our increasingly complex clinical enterprise across the continuum of care. Of upmost importance, both of these executives will continue bringing the clinicians’ voice into strategic and operational conversations at the highest level. 


Multiple stakeholders from across the organization and medical staff met with our executive recruiting firm, Furst Group, to shape the position profiles and job descriptions. Throughout the process, we will continue to involve stakeholders from a broad range of disciplines to ensure we find the best clinical executives to fill these roles. The plan is to finalize and interview candidates in March and April and fill the positions in May. Executive recruitments are highly confidential, by necessity, to protect the identities of potential candidates, so anyone interested in these positions should contact Bob Clarke or Jessica Homann at Furst Group to learn more.   


I am excited by the prospect of welcoming two new clinical executives to lead Legacy now and into the future, and I hope you are too.