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From the desk of Melinda Muller, M.D., interim Chief Medical Officer, Legacy Health

Legacy's CMO search: Recruiting a transformational leader

By Kathryn Correia, President & Chief Executive Officer

As you likely read in this recent piece in Legacy’s Front Page, we are moving forward in our efforts to recruit Legacy’s next chief medical officer (CMO) and chief nursing officer (CNO). While our COVID-19 response slowed down our recruitment efforts, the process is accelerating as we recruit these essential clinical executives.


We are looking for candidates who are collaborative, inclusive, and bring clinical credibility and the ability to quickly build relationships and trust with clinicians and other key partners inside and outside of Legacy. These two leaders will leverage and build on our exceptional physician and nursing leadership teams to support our increasingly complex clinical enterprise across the continuum of care. Of upmost importance, both of these executives will continue bringing the clinicians’ voice into strategic and operational conversations at the highest level.

Legacy leaders engagement M&M listening sessions continue

Melinda Muller, M.D., Interim Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer 

In December, we hosted the first in a series of listening sessions with Legacy leaders we’re calling Engagement M&M’s. We spent our time reviewing what we’ve learned so far from your provider engagement survey responses as well as dialoguing with you about the actions we will take to improve in areas prioritized by your feedback. We also discussed the seven core commitments we have made to address your feedback over the next year. I can’t tell you how excited I was at the attendance and your willingness to be open in sharing your perspectives and concerns. 

Legacy helps scale up regional vaccination center

Oregon's biggest health care providers plan to launch mass vaccination events at the Oregon Convention Center starting this week. The idea is to pool vaccine doses from each system for easier, faster distribution. Kaiser Permanente, Legacy Health, OHSU and Providence are all collaborating. While there are many details about how these vaccines will be delivered, Legacy is prepared to work side-by-side with state, county and other health systems to help make this happen in a timely, well-coordinated way. At the same time, we are continuing to provide vaccinations for our own staff, as well as community-based providers and organizations. We will make the details available once they are finalized through appropriate channels. 

Coming soon: major upgrade to providers and locations webpages

Legacy Health continuously strives to improve the patient and provider experience, which now more than ever begins digitally from a cell phone or computer. Each year, we see millions of pageviews of the find a provider and locations sections of LegacyHealth.org. In line with this, and based on feedback from our patients and staff, we will launch a major upgrade to both of these sections on Jan. 29.