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From the desk of Melinda Muller, M.D., interim Chief Medical Officer, Legacy Health

From Melinda Muller, M.D.: Appreciation for all that you do

It’s hard to believe that I’ve already been in my interim role for three months and even harder to believe that I’ve been at Legacy Health for as many years as I have. My experiencehas been one of learning and affirmation of the amazing group of providers and employees that come to work for Legacy. The dedication shown by our physicians and advance practice practitioners in incredibly stressful and difficult circumstances is both awe-inspiring and a natural expectation knowing many of you as I do

As we close out an eventful 2020, I want to say thank you for your work and care of our patients in this difficult time. Dealing with uncertaintyis complicated even in the best of times. But,managing uncertainty on multiple levels for an extended period takes even more energy and dedication


There’s an analogy that COVID-19 is like running a marathon without knowing the number of milesto the finishline. It’s hard to keep going with no end in sightI appreciate all that you have done and continue to do to ensure the best care for our patientsToo often, thiscomes at the expense of time you would have spent with your family

I also recognize that some of the recent changes we have made at Legacy in response to the pandemic have impacts beyond our hospital walls. For example, the reduction in surgeries directly affects many of our surgical colleagues and their clinical practice. Your grace in understanding the need for changes in this difficult time and your support forthe plan is greatly appreciated.As we turn the corner into 2021 with hope on the horizon given the recent news of a COVID-19 vaccine coming soonplease again accept my appreciation for all you do.



Interim Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer
Legacy Health

Our renewed commitment to you

More than one-third of you took the time to share valuable insight and honest feedback during the first few months of 2020 when you took part in our Provider Pulse Engagement survey. It is hard to fathom how much has changed within our profession, our organization, and our world since that time. As I continue to review what you shared almost a year ago, before any of us knew what was to come, your words not only hold their meaning, but they also ring more clearly than ever before.

COVID-19 vaccine coming soon to Legacy

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is poised to provide emergency authorization to two pharmaceutical companies that have developed a COVID-19 vaccine. A third company expects to submit its emergency request soon. If approved, the vaccine will be available to Legacy staff within a few weeks. Read more about these promising developments.

Legacy Health Formulary Changes

The Legacy Health Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee approved several formulary changes. All changes were vetted by infectious diseases physicians and surgeon leads at each site.