Pain Management

Pain management for referring providers

Legacy Pain Management Centers

Providers who are referring, or considering referring, patients to Legacy Pain Management Centers may have questions. Please read below to learn more about our program.

Please call for more information:

  • Legacy Pain Management Center–Good Samaritan, 503-413-7513
  • Legacy Pain Management Center–Salmon Creek, 360-487-2700


  • One-time consultation
  • Medication stabilization
  • Interventional procedures
  • Physical therapy evaluation and treatment
  • Behavioral medicine evaluation and brief treatment
  • Mind-body medicine (sleep, nutrition, relaxation, exercise)
  • Education and tools/training to build coping skills


To help you understand our centers, following are some frequently asked questions:

What is the wait time for a patient to be seen?
The wait time fluctuates, but generally it takes 4-6 weeks to see a medical provider here.

What about medication management?
Our medical providers offer evaluation and recommendations regarding medications for chronic pain. If the patient is willing, we will work with them until his or her medication regimen is stable, which means that the patient is satisfied with his/her medication regimen, the patient is not demonstrating aberrant behaviors around medication usage, and any opioid dosages are in the safer/lower range. Once these goals are reached, we ask that patients return to their referring provider for refills of stable medications.

If you will not prescribe a stable low dose of opioid, then please indicate this in your referral so that we are alerted not to include opioids in our long-term medication plan. If you will not prescribe any medications for pain, even non-opioid analgesics, then the medication consultation we offer will not likely be beneficial for your patient. For more information about our philosophy and approach, please click here.

What about prescribing Suboxone?
We have a Suboxone prescriber at our center at Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center. Suboxone is offered to patients who have struggled with a conservative opioid taper and do not have a primary diagnosis of substance use disorder (SUD). In the case of active, untreated SUD, we would defer to an addictionologist.

Do you accept patients with Medicaid? Oregon: We offer evaluation for Medicaid patients, and if appropriate, follow-up care for as much as their plan will support. This varies anywhere from one to six visits depending on the plan and the patient’s pain condition.

Washington Medicaid members: We offer medical evaluation and ongoing treatment if/as indicated at our center on the Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center campus.

Do you manage worker’s compensation claims?

At this time we do not offer this service.

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