Legacy Medical Group–Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Mount Hood

LMG-Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

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Our specialties include: 

  • Breast reconstruction including implants and the DIEP Flap procedure  
  • Post-burn treatment including reconstruction of neck, shoulder and face contractures (or tightness) to restore range of motion and improve joint and muscle function. Procedures include release and tissue expansion and skin replacement.
  • Hand surgery, including treatment of carpal tunnel and Dupuytren's Contracture, and ganglion and mucoid cyst removal
  • Transgender reconstructive procedures

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A parking lot is available on-site with free parking.  


We focus on complex reconstructive surgery for children and adults, especially microsurgery. Our highly specialized techniques include nerve reconstruction and using the patient's own tissue to repair damage to the head, neck, torso, breast and genital areas.

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