On the Legacy Good Samaritan campus for Legacy patients and their families, Green Gables Guest House provides a low-cost home away from home. Green Gables is especially suited for people who live outside of the Portland metro area who:

  • Do not have the strength or ability to travel each day to and from the hospital
  • Are undergoing medical treatment
  • Need to be near a patient
  • Must make frequent outpatient visits over the course of several days

With Green Gables, patients need not stay in impersonal hotels far away from the hospital, travel daily when their health is compromised, or fear staying in an unfamiliar city while receiving treatment. Family members can be steps away from their loved ones who are inpatients.

The cost is $25 per room per night, with two twin beds in each room, and common kitchen, bath and dining areas. One bedroom is ADA accessible, but has limited availability.

Green Gables Reservation Requests

Patients and their families need a reservation request from a Legacy staff member to check availability.

Questions? Please call 503-413-7848, or email LegacyGreenGables@lhs.org.

Questions about Green Gables are responded to Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.–2 p.m.

To make a donation

Green Gables Guest House is supported by the Good Samaritan Foundation. Gifts in support of the house are welcome, and volunteer opportunities are also available. Please call 503-413-4864 or email giving@lhs.org to request a donation form, or go to our Good Samaritan Foundation page.