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Health care is for everyone. Legacy Health is committed to providing high quality, low-burden care for our patients and community when they need it, where they need it, regardless of ability to pay or immigration status.

Legacy does not require patients to enroll in Medicaid or any other publicly funded benefit program to be eligible for financial assistance. Legacy proactively works with patients who need financial assistance to help them access needed care. It is important you seek the medical services and treatment you need. Learn more about how to get financial help for your health care. 

On Monday, Feb. 24, 2020 the federal public charge rule went into effect. The rule renders anyone seeking citizenship in the U.S. “inadmissible” if they are determined to be at risk of becoming a public charge. The rule does not apply to all immigrants, and not all public benefits are considered when evaluating public charge. More information about the federal public charge rule can be found at the Oregon Health Authority and the Oregon Department of Human Services websites.

NOTE: Anyone who has questions about how applying for Medicaid or any other benefit program will affect their immigration status should contact an immigration attorney. Those concerned about how public charge may impact them can call the Oregon Public Benefits Hotline at 1-800-520-5292.