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From patient to survivor to staff

February 19, 2019

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Audrey Stutzer’s story goes from breast cancer patient to survivor to helping those receiving a mammogram. 

“You hear the word ‘cancer’ and ‘you think, I’m going to die … I’m not going to see my kids grow up,’" Audrey recalls of her 2006 breast cancer diagnosis.  

She chose her treatment at Legacy Cancer Institute because of Nathalie Johnson, M.D., “I’ve never met a more compassionate doctor … how many doctors hug you on your first visit?” Audrey says of the cancer institute’s medical director, who sees patients at Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center. 

Audrey survived breast cancer and walked in the Komen Race for the Cure, seeing Dr. Johnson at the end. “I couldn’t have asked for a better day.” 

‘I want to help someone’ 

Audrey says when she left Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center she said, “I’m going to work here someday. I want to help someone like they helped me.” 

So she has, joining at the Legacy Breast Health Center–Good Samaritan in 2007, helping hundreds of women since as they come in for their mammogram. "They look at me and say, ‘If she can make it, I can too.'” 

From patient to survivor to staff

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