Avoid Sunburns and Dehydration In Kids With These Helpful Sun Safety Reminders

July 15, 2022

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The long summer days provide plenty of time for children to play outside. 

Parents and caretakers need to be careful and protect those kiddos from sunburns and dehydration. Here are some tips for protecting children:

1. Sunscreen should always be applied when children are going to be out in the sun.
2. Hats are an important form of sun protection, particularly for infants and toddlers.
3. Avoid putting blankets over children in strollers as a method of sun protection as that will trap them in heat, potentially leading to overheating.
4. Young children should wear long pants and long shirts to protect them from sun exposure.                                                                                                                      
5. Have children drink lots of water when they are in the heat.
6. Never ever leave your child in a car unattended on a warm day, even for a minute.

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