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Treating Sports Injuries: Getting You Back in the Game

November 02, 2021

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Andrew Nelson, DO, Orthopedic Surgeon and Subspecialist in Sports Medicine and Arthroscopic Surgery

Legacy Medical Group – Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

As an orthopedic surgeon with subspecialty training in sports medicine and arthroscopic/minimally invasive surgery, I’ve encountered the following situation many times: A high school athlete with dreams of competing at the collegiate or professional level tears an ACL or suffers tendinopathy of their shoulder, thus derailing the season and potentially their dreams.

Just as often, I have older but very active patients who experience moderate or severe joint pain due to, or worsened by, their favorite activity, such as walking, cycling, golfing, skiing, running, climbing, tennis or hiking.

These patients may differ in age, goals and expectations but each shares a desire to return to their respective activities — activities that give each person pleasure and joy.

That’s where Legacy Medical Group– Orthopedics and Sports Medicine comes into play. We diagnose and treat every general orthopedic issue and sports related injury, including but not limited to ACL or meniscal tears, cartilage injury/preservation, rotator cuff tears, fractures and much more. Our fellowship-trained and board-certified surgeons, along with our exceptionally trained staff, approach every patient with an unwavering dedication to that individual’s best care and recovery. Our team’s goal is to get patients back to their best life.

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We attempt to treat injuries through physical therapy and non-surgical remedies, optimizing the body to heal itself. Of course, there are times when surgery is necessary, and we will guide patients through all treatment options, and individualize those options for the best chance at a speedy and full recovery. We always endeavor to meet our patients where they are and to answer every question regarding any desired treatment.

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