Heart disease is a broad term describing an issue with either the "electrical" or "plumbing" systems in the heart. The electrical system is how the heart beats, while the plumbing system is made up of blood vessels and the blood flowing through them.  

If your child has been diagnosed with a heart condition, it could mean many things, from the symptomless to the very serious, needing no treatment or comprehensive care and rehabilitation.   

You are not alone. Randall Children’s Hospital has a wide range of expertise in heart care for children. Some of the region's best specialists come together at Randall Children’s Hospital to provide care for newborns through young adults. Whatever journey may lie ahead for your family, our team has the expert medical staff, life-saving equipment and family-first support to be there for you along the way.  

Why choose Randall Children’s to care for your child’s heart?

For children with heart conditions, Randall Children’s Hospital offers a leading program in pediatric heart treatment. Our young patients receive their care from pediatric heart specialists –– surgeons, cardiologists and an entire team that provides everything the patient and family need. 

Our Children’s Heart Program is also affiliated with the Pediatric Cardiology Center of Oregon, a major center for children with heart disease.   

We offer the most advanced regional capabilities for treating heart disorders in children, featuring:

The Children’s Heart Program at Randall Children’s Hospital treats all ages and stages of heart care. Like adult-focused heart care, a pediatric heart department treats both conditions a patient was born with (congenital) and heart diseases that occur after birth (acquired). 

We diagnose young hearts of babies before they are born and treat as newborns. Working with doctors who are experts in fetal conditions, we offer immediate care for the baby at delivery.  

We have expertise in the full range of heart conditions in pediatric patients. From fetal through young adult, we can offer diagnosis, treatment, surgery and rehabilitation, or long-term management of a chronic illness. 

Our team’s goal is to give your family answers and work with you to develop a treatment plan.  

Diagnosing a heart condition  

We provide complete testing to help identify pediatric heart conditions in children of all ages:

  • Advanced MRI to study the structure and function of the heart without radiation.  
  • Fetal echocardiography to give parents and doctors time to plan for the birth of a child with heart disease. 
  • Evaluation of heart murmurs, chest pain, palpitations and syncope.  
  • Pre-participation sports physicals.
  • Fetal cardiology and neonatal care.  
  • Diagnostic and interventional cardiac catheterization.  
  • Electrophysiology diagnostic and therapeutic cardiac catheterization.
  • Cardiac MRI and CT. 

You deserve to have answers about your child’s heart condition, and the information you need to make their healthcare decisions. Our diagnostic equipment and teams are there for you, to answer your questions and partner with you on a plan for your child’s health.  

Treatment & surgery options

The center has state-of-the-art technology that gives doctors the information, precision and tools they need to treat little hearts.  

  • Catheter lab procedures. The catheter is the use of a small tube to treat heart problems. With one of only two catheter labs in Oregon dedicated to children, we perform more than 200 procedures a year with consistently excellent outcomes.
  • Heart surgery, and pre-operative and post-operative care for surgical patients. 
  • Implanting a device to help with your child’s heart rhythm (Advanced electrophysiology) 
  • Our bloodless surgery center, established in 1991, the internationally renowned Legacy Bloodless Surgery and Medicine Program, is the most experienced program of its kind in the U.S. 
  • Advanced heart imaging and 3D heart molding 

We also offer hybrid procedures, where surgeons and cardiologists work together on babies too sick to endure open-heart surgery or too small for most catheter-based procedures.

As a leading program for children’s heart care, we perform more than 200 surgeries a year, including complex open-heart surgeries. Our surgical results meet or exceed national standards.

Long-term care & wellness 

Whether living with heart disease, or recovering from cardiac treatment or surgery, we work with pediatric patients to return to full wellness. This includes heart-healthy habits and the physical and emotional support to help children thrive and live an active life full of laughter, learning and play.

Complex heart conditions we treat 

  • Arrythmias
  • Aortic valve disorders
  • Atrial septal defect (ASD) repair 
  • Bloodless surgery 
  • Coarctation of the aorta repair 
  • Hypoplastic left heart syndrome 
  • In utero fetal diagnoses 
  • Kawasaki syndrome
  • Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) ligation 
  • Single ventricle heart defects 
  • Tetralogy of Fallot repair 
  • Transposition of the great vessels repair 
  • Truncus arteriosus repair 
  • Ventricular septal defect (VSD) repair 

Your care team

Your family will likely work with a cardiologist, or doctor that has been trained to find, treat and prevent heart disease. Some care for the heart in general, while others specialize in the electrical (electrophysiology cardiologists) or plumbing (interventional cardiologists) parts of the heart. If your child needs surgery, you may be cared for by a cardiac surgeon.  

In addition to our expert surgeons and cardiologists, our staff includes pediatric nurses, lactation support, dietitians and experts in nutrition. Child Life specialists help with children’s emotional, social and developmental needs. 

Meet our providers: 

In partnership with Pediatric Cardiology Center of Oregon:  

  • Peter Chang, D.O., board-certified pediatric cardiologist 
  • Alisha Floyd, M.D., board-certified pediatric cardiologist 
  • James Kyser, M.D., board-certified pediatric cardiologist and interventionalist
  • Marc LeGras, M.D., board-certified pediatric cardiologist and electrophysiologist
  • Niki Tucker, M.D., general pediatric cardiologist
  • Lindsay Urbinelli, M.D., board-certified pediatric cardiologist

Our location 

Children's Heart Program 
Randall Children's Hospital at Legacy Emanuel
in partnership with 
Pediatric Cardiology Center of Oregon 
Medical Office Building 3, Suite 250  
300 N. Graham St. Portland, OR 97227
Phone: 503-280-3418  
Fax: 503-284-7885
On-call physician available 24/7  

Outreach locations 

While the Children’s Heart Program is located at Randall Children’s in Portland, we see patients at 16 clinics throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington: Albany, Corvallis, Eugene/Springfield, Grants Pass/Medford, Hood River, Pendleton, Salem, Vancouver/Longview and Woodburn.  

Call the Portland office at 503-280-3418 to find out when our doctors are seeing patients in one of these locations and schedule an appointment.  

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