At Randall Children’s Hospital, we believe kids should focus on being kids – and that includes sports and other forms of play.  

Our team of sports medicine specialists are trained experts in treating kids and young athletes. Whether a shoulder injury from throwing, twisted knee, or sports concussion – our fellowship-trained physicians understand sport-specific injuries and how they affect children’s bones and bodies. 

We work with families to treat pain, heal injuries, prevent future problems and get kids back up and moving as quickly as possible – back to growing, playing and competing.

We treat kids of all ages with bone, muscle and joint problems, and other sports-related injuries. This includes:

  • Ankle injuries (sprains, instability, Achilles tendon injuries)  
  • Head injuries (concussions) 
  • Knee injuries (ligaments, meniscus and cartilage, ACL tears and injuries)  
  • Muscle strains and tears  
  • Other joint pain and injuries (bursitis, tennis elbow) 
  • Shoulder injures (rotator cuff tears, instability, labral tears)
  • Stress fractures  

Our concussion program offers comprehensive treatment options, from pre-concussion or baseline assessments using a special computerized tool (ImPACT), to post-concussion evaluation, care and clearance for return to school, sports and play.  

A path toward healing & improved performance

Randall Children’s Sports Medicine program diagnoses and treats all types of sports injuries. Our board-certified surgeons and highly trained team are dedicated to our patients’ care and comfort. And as pediatric specialists, we understand how these problems affect growing bones and bodies.

We help children reduce pain and heal from an injury in a comforting and kid-friendly environment. Once healed, our team can continue to work with the patient to strengthen weaknesses, improve performance and make them less likely to reinjure themselves.   

All treatment and care is age-appropriate and focused on healing, strengthening and keeping kids mobile, so they can continue to be active and healthy throughout their lives.  

Our services

  • Primary care with a sports medicine focus  
  • Sports physicals  
  • Diagnoses and treatment for all sports injuries  
  • Athletic training, including one-on-one sessions focusing on strength, conditioning, speed and agility  
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation 
  • Injury prevention  
  • Sports performance evaluations  
  • Concussion evaluation 


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