What is a developmental evaluation?

A developmental evaluation is a comprehensive assessment of a child's overall skills including cognitive, language/communication, adaptive, motor, behavior, and social/emotional functioning.

As part of the evaluation, the developmental pediatrician gathers information from the following sources:

  • Available records from the child’s school, Early Intervention, therapists, medical and mental health providers
  • Parents/Caregivers fill out a developmental packet that includes information about the child’s early development, medical conditions, current physical, mental, social skills, and family history
  • Depending on the child’s age, additional forms/questionnaires may be required from a teacher or therapist  

What will happen during the evaluation? 

Below is a potential outline of the appointments that make up a Developmental evaluation. Keep in mind that each evaluation is tailored to your child’s needs. 

Developmental Appointment Outline

  1. Initial Parent Interview 
    a. In-person or virtual visit lasting about 1-2 hours
    b. Only primary parent/caregiver present
    c. Overview of concerns, review of chart notes, and plan for testing

  2. Testing 
    a. May occur in clinic or virtually, depending on the Physician and child
    b. Lasts about 2 hours 
    c. May require 1-2 separate sessions (to be determined and scheduled by the Developmental Pediatrician)

  3. Feedback (could be combined with testing appointment)
    a. May occur in clinic or virtually, depending on the child
    b. Only primary parent/caregiver present 
    c. Lasts about 1 hour
    d. Possible diagnosis disclosure, resources, and plan to be discussed  

What information will be provided in the evaluation report? 

  • Summary of the child’s overall development
  • The diagnosis(es) that explains the child’s presentation (when applicable)
  • Recommendations for treatment to support the child’s development


How do I access the developmental evaluation report?

Parent or guardian with MyHealth account with proxy access to their child will receive report through MyHealth 

Parent or guardian without a MyHealth account will receive a copy in the mail. 


What ages are appropriate at this pediatric Developmental clinic?

At date of referral, child may be between 12 months and 4 years 11 months old. 

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