Focusing on children  

At Randall Children’s Day Surgery, our patients receive the best possible care in an atmosphere that is focused entirely on children. We understand that children have different physical and emotional concerns than grownups. We address all of these, relating to children on their level, while providing you with the information and support you need to feel confident about your child’s surgery. 

What can I expect at a children’s hospital?  

Why choose a children's hospital for your child’s surgical procedures when we could choose a local adult hospital? Before the day of your child’s surgery, you will receive instructions about how to prepare. A nurse will discuss the procedure your child will be having. Take the time to ask all the questions you may have so you and your child can feel confident. On the day of the surgery, your child can bring a favorite toy, blanket or small item that brings them comfort. After registering at the main desk, you and your child will receive matching identification bracelets. Your child will then get ready for surgery and possibly have free time to watch TV or play. You can be with them until it’s time for the procedure or surgery. The doctor will be available to answer any questions you and your child might have. While your child is in surgery, they will be given the highest level of attention and care. Once the surgery is over, your doctor will give you information on how everything went. Your child will have time to recover, and we will closely monitor them until they are given the okay to go home. 

Experience the Randall difference 

Every aspect of our service is focused on making your child feel comfortable and safe. Every interaction is designed to support your child’s needs. Our specialists are trained in the practice and art of "distraction techniques" to make procedures easier for children. Our anesthesiologists are all medical doctors. Children's Day Surgery staff are all experienced pediatric nurses. Specifically, all our nurses are trained and certified in Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), with the goal to improve quality of care and improved outcomes for seriously ill or injured children. 

We understand that being at the hospital can be scary for kids. Our Child Life providers are experts in child development. In addition to Child Life being available by consult, our Children's Day Surgery Nurses are child focused and our setting evokes play from our access to cars to drive for distraction to a play room designed to decrease anxiety.  

Our Day Surgery center is designed to make your child feel comfortable and cared for. Some of the special features include: 

  • Private rooms on the same level as our operating suites  
  • A playroom 
  • The GetWell Network, an information/education network that provides movies, video games and entertainment 
  • A comfortable environment for family members while their children are with us  
  • Minimally invasive surgical instruments that are specially designed and sized for children 

Getting your child ready for Day Surgery

Follow these guidelines to provide the best possible experience for you and your child. 

Preparing for Surgery

Get Connected & Stay Informed   

MyHealth gives you access to your child's medical records. View test results, diagnoses, medications, follow-up instructions, make an appointment and more.   

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