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Test Table Guide

The Test Table is your primary guide to collection and handling requirements for tests available through Legacy Laboratory Service and for common referral tests.

The information is presented in the following format:


 Mnemonic (Synonyms)
Alternative test names are shown in parenthesis in the table. The alphanumeric search finds all matches to names entered here.

If the test represents multiple tests, these tests will be listed here.

Guidelines Technical information to assist you when ordering a test.
Patient Preparation     

Specific patient instructions, if required.    

Collect Specimen type(s) followed by the number, size, color of tubes and anticoagulant or collection container. Includes alternate acceptable specimens.
Handling Description of how to handle the specimen after collection.
Preferred Volume Volume of specimen needed to perform the test, including possible repeat and/or dilution.
Minimum Volume Volume of specimen needed to perform the test one time, excluding repeat or dilution.
Transport Indicates the transport temperature.
Rejection Criteria Indicates circumstances under which specimen testing will not be performed (example: Specimen temperature or incorrect specimen type).
Stability Indicates the specimens stability under differing conditions.
Test Performed Specific day(s) tests are performed.
Note In general, test runs begin at approximately 8:00 a.m. Specimens must be received in the lab by 8:00 a.m. to be included in that day's run. If received after this time, the specimen may be held for the next scheduled test run. Please call the laboratory at (503) 413-1234 or Toll Free (877) 270-5566 if you have questions about test schedules. For information about STAT testing, refer to the STAT Testing Policy.
Reported Indicates expected amount of time required for performance of the test. For example: test in question is performed on Monday and Thursday with a turnaround of 2 days; if the sample is received by Monday at 8 a.m. the result will be available Wednesday morning.
Method Indicates available methods for performing test.
Referral Lab

Indicates test referred to another laboratory. This information subject to change without notice. Please check specimen requirements with the laboratory.

Reference Range/ Therapeutic Range Expected (normal) values or ranges are given. If patient's date of birth is on the requisition, the report will correspond with age related values whenever ranges are available.
Critical Values/ Toxic Values Certain tests have limits that may seriously affect the health of the patient. Results for these tests are telephoned to the physician so that appropriate actions can be taken in a timely manner.
CPT Code CPT codes should be used as general guidelines only and were obtained from the Current Procedural Terminology CPT™ book published by the American Medical Association. Your use of CPT codes should be addressed with your local carrier/payer.