Activated Protein C Resistance / Anticardiolipin Antibodies, IgG and IgM / Beta-2 Glycoprotein Antibodies, IgG & IgM / Lupus Anticoagulant / Methylenetetrahydrofolate (MTHFR) Mutation / Protein C Activity / Prothrombin Gene Mutation

Specimen Collection Requirements


Four light blue (3.2% Buffered Sodium Citrate) top tubes; one 3.0 mL Lavendar EDTA tube


Due to short stability, specimens must either be sent STAT to arrive at the laboratory within 4 hours, or sent frozen. For STAT, refrigerate and keep capped in original tubes and call for STAT pick-up. For standard delivery, centrifuge blue tubes to produce platelet-poor plasma (at least 1700 X g for 15 minutes) and using a plastic pipette, transfer the top 2/3 of the plasma into 3-4 plastic vials. Freeze immediately. Label citrated plasma with patient name, I.D. number, test, and “citrate.” Serum from the red top tube can be centrifuged and transferred to a single tube, labeled with patient name, test, I.D. number, and “serum.” The EDTA tube must be submitted as refrigerated whole blood. Send to laboratory within 7 days. If multiple tests are ordered, freeze a separate aliquot for this test.

Preferred Volume

Four 4.5 mL light blue top tubes (or 4 mL plasma) and two 4 mL lavender top tubes (whole blood) and one 5 mL red top tube (or 1 mL serum).

Minimum Volume

Two 2.7 mL light blue top tubes (or 2 mL plasma) and two 4 mL lavender top tubes (whole blood).


Original tubes refrigerated if STAT; citrated plasma frozen on dry ice; whole blood and serum refrigerated

Rejection Criteria

Clotted samples, samples collected in containers other than 3.2% Buffered Sodium Citrate, tubes filled less than 90%, samples from patients with a Hematocrit greater than 55%, hemolyzed samples due to ex-vivo causes (i.e., difficult draw, poor sample draw), whole blood samples that were frozen before processing


WHOLE BLOOD Ambient: 4 hours; PLASMA Ambient: 4 hours; Frozen: -20°C 2 weeks, -70°C 6 months

Testing Information


Mon, Wed, Fri


Chromogenic, clotting, molecular

Referral Lab

Legacy Laboratory Services

Reference Values

Reference Values

See individual test.

CPT Codes

83891-3G / 83896-3G x2 / 83898-3G / 83903-3G / 83912-3G / 85303 / 85307 / 85613 / 85730 / 86146 x2 / 86147 x2 / 83890-903F / 83896-903F x4 / 83900-903F / 83912-903F

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