RhogamĀ® RhIG Workup


ABO and Rh type of mother and baby, fetal bleed screen and antibody screen of mother.


To prevent Rh-negative individuals from becoming sensitized to D antigen after exposure to Rh-positive red cells through pregnancy or transfusion. Testing is done to determine eligibility and dosing of Rh Immune Globulin. This product is recommended for Rh negative patients, for antepartum use at 26-28 weeks or at any time following termination of pregnancy, abortion, amniocentesis, ectopic pregnancy, significant abdominal trauma. May be indicated in some Rh negative patients receiving Rh positive blood products.

Specimen Collection Requirements


Blood required from both mother and newborn for post-partum testing. Two full 4.0 mL lavender (EDTA) top tubes, collected post-partum from mother. One lavender top microtainer tube from newborn.


Tubes must be labeled appropriately. See Blood Bank Specimen Collection Guidelines.

Preferred Volume

Two full 4.0 mL lavender (EDTA) top tubes

Minimum Volume

Two lavender top microtainer tubes


Ambient or refrigerated

Rejection Criteria

Gross hemolysis, incorrect specimen container, incorrectly labeled or frozen


Ambient: 24 hours; Refrigerated: 2 days Frozen: Unacceptable

Testing Information


7 days/week


See specific test

Referral Lab

Samaritan Health Services Laboratories

Reference Values

Reference Values

Kleihauer Stain Interpretive Data:

Volume of FMH
0-14 mL = 1 dose of RhIG (if indicated)
15-44 mL = 2 doses of RhIG (if indicated)
45-74 mL = 3 doses of RhIG (if indicated)
75-104 mL = 4 doses of RhIG (if indicated)
105-134 mL = 5 doses of RhIG (if indicated)

Blood Product


A single dose is occasionally not adequate. Failures occur.

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