Breast Cytology - Nipple smear

Specimen Collection Requirements


Allow a drop of the expressed secretion to accumulate on the tip of the nipple. Take a clean glass slide with the frosted end already labeled with the patient’s name and designation of specimen site as right or left nipple. While immobilizing the breast draw the smooth portion of the slide across the nipple creating a thin-layer smear of the sample. Do not allow the specimen to air dry.


Fix the prepared slide(s) immediately by immersing in 95% ethanol (Pap bottle). Submit excess fluid that may be collected in Cytolyt fixative and properly label the vial with patient’s name and site of specimen.
Submit specimen with cytology requisition.

Testing Information


Mon - Fri


Pap stain/microscopy

Referral Lab

Samaritan Health Services Laboratories

Reference Values

Reference Values

Interpretation provided.

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