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LabAlerts 2018-19


Update: Orderable for Flow Cytometry Studies - October 2019 Update: Beta-2 Glycoprotein 1 Antibodies - October 2019 Update: Discontinuing of P2Y12 Inhibitor and Aspirin Testing - November 2019  
Update: Measles IgG Antibody Reference Range - September 2019 Update: Testing Delay Free Thyroxine (T4F) - September 2019 Update: RBC Folate Test Utilization and Specimen Handling - October 2019

Update: Cardiolipin Antibodies - October 2019

Update: Synovial Fluid Cultures- August 2019 Update: Updated Reporting Format for FVL and PGM Testing - August 2019 Update: Specific Allergens Added to Food Panels - August 2019  

Update: Platelet Function Screen (PFA) Reagent Backorder - September 2019

 Update: Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT) Testing- May 2019             Update: Ciprofloxacin & Levofloxacin Breakpoints- May 2019       Update: Trichomonas Vaginalis by PCR - May 2019  Update: Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate Testing Silverton Lab - July 2019 
Update: Bioflash Fecal Calprotectin - March 2019  Update: Zinc Protoporphyrin To Be Referred to ARUP - March 2019 Update: Test Consolidation of CK-MB Due to Low Utility-April 2019 Update: Patient Service Centers: Patients with No Orders-April 2019
Update: Allergens Added to Inhalant Panels-February 2019 Update: SHBG and Free/Total Testosterone Methods - February 2019 Update: Leukemia and Lymphoma Phenotyping by Flow Cytometry - February 201 Update: Zinc Protoporphyrin to be Referred to ARUP - March 2019
Update: Flow Immune Panel Reference Ranges-January 2019 Updated: Immature Granulocyte Reference Ranges-January 2019 Update:Time Sensitive Specimen Processing-November 2018 Update: GoHealth After Hours Critical Values-November 2018 
Update: Fecal Occult Blood Testing-October 2018 Update: ENA and dsDNA Changes- October 2018 Update: P2Y12 Inhibitor and Aspirin Testing-October 2018 Update: Virology Testing Change-October 2018