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Legacy Laboratory Services is an independent regional reference laboratory based in Portland. We offer one of the most extensive medical testing services in the region and sophisticated connectivity solutions for both laboratory information systems and electronic medical records. Services range from basic chemistry and hematology testing up to and including esoteric chemistry, molecular diagnostics, medical toxicology, cytogenetics, molecular genetics and more.

Prestigious ISO 15189 certification

Legacy Laboratory Services is proud to be one of only 36 laboratories in the U.S. which have met the standards for the ISO 15189:2012 certification. This is an international standard that specifies requirements for competency and quality specific to clinical laboratories. All phases of the testing process are assessed.

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The Highest Quality Assurance

Legacy Laboratory Services dedicates a significant portion of time and resources to quality assurance and quality control activities. A wide variety of quality assurance and quality control systems are used to monitor the accuracy and reproducibility of laboratory services, because the monitoring of test procedures alone is insufficient to ensure final report accuracy. We monitor the quality of the entire process from initial request, through test performance, to the prompt reporting of the result. When possible, proficiency test samples are analyzed with every type of test performed.

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